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How it starteD

Our company started out like so many great small businesses do, with a family recipe! A traditional caramel corn recipe to be exact – that was arguably labor intensive to make, and usually enjoyed only at the holidays! Throughout the years, our dad, put his own twist on the recipe, and started making it more often, as he could not find anything like it on the market to cure his cravings in between special occasions!  Time and time again, he found that most popcorn companies in the industry had flavor and texture profiles that resembled one another, but were as different as night and day from that of HIS recipe.  After countless people repeatedly asked him to make caramel corn for them, he finally acknowledged what everyone had been telling him for years…that he was on to something!  He realized that like himself, people were tired of chewy, kernel filled, stick to your teeth – firm balls of mediocre popcorn.  They were ready for something different!  He vowed his company would be just that, but never different just to be different, instead, different to be better than anything else his customers could find.  He believes the words “old fashioned” and “gourmet” should really mean something, and that his customers appreciate his small batch cooking method.  While having fun experimenting, his caramel corn recipe turned into recipeS, and our Flavored Gourmet Caramel Corn was born!  Yes, with the exception of our savory flavors, all of our popcorn is flavored caramel corn!  The result is extra crunchy popcorn that really does taste as good as it looks!  Its unique, and delicious and we know you will love it!

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